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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Info

All PRYYNT products are made to the highest quality. Individual product information can be found on our product page here.

Packaging Info

Our packaging is simple and sturdy to withstand any knocks your order might endure during transit. We use world leading logistics companies to ensure that you get your order in time and intact!

Image Upload Tips

PRYYNT allows you to easily upload your own images or order prints or images/photos on our partner apps/websites. You can do this by either clicking the upload images button within the PRYYNT service, clicking the PRYYNT YY logo or by dragging and dropping the image into the PRYYNT widget.

Some of our Partners will have enabled/disabled the ability to upload certain images on their site/app. Unfortunately we can’t help you with this, although we are sure that they have good reason for doing so!

Accepted image File Formats

Currently we accept JPG, JPEG and PNG file formats but we will be adding more formats in the future. Please note that our system does not rely on the file extension but checks the image itself; changing the file extension will not change the image format. Although PRYYNT will automatically detect and reject low-resolution images, we strongly encourage you to only use high-resolution images, as low-resolution images will not print well.

Photo/Image Upload Issues

If you are experiencing any issues uploading photos/images here are some pointers:

  • Check for proper file format - more information available here.
  • Are your images of low quality? PRYYNT will automatically reject low quality images, so please try uploading high quality images.
  • Check the PRYYNT System Requirements here.
  • If you upload images into the PRYYNT service without completing your order, these images will expire after 24hrs from the time of upload.
  • Check your internet connection :-) If you are uploading from a computer then check that you have a strong connection. If you are using the PRYYNT service with a mobile device please make sure that you are either connected through Wi-Fi or 4G or you have a good mobile data connection.

Resolution Issues

The quality of the image being uploaded will ultimately determine the quality of the print that you receive. With this in mind, always try to upload the best quality image available.

Understanding image resolution and other image properties can be a bit scary for some. We try to help you by having a set minimum parameters to prevent you uploading an image that may be too low quality for the size product that you wish to purchase. When you upload, PRYYNT will do it’s best to tell you if the image is good or not!

How do I order?

PRYYNT works on a simple partner model. We provide a photo printing service through our partner mobile apps and websites. This means that you can print your own photos or the images from the partner website/app effortlessly! PRYYNT will process the full order from taking payment through to customer support and global delivery.

Just keep an eye for our PRYYNT logo of our YY button for where you can use the PRYYNT service!

Ordering through PRYYNT takes 4 easy steps:

  • Upload image
  • Select product
  • Edit image (optional)
  • Shipping and Payment

At anytime you can close the PRYYNT interface and continue using our partner’s app or website.

Shipping information

We use World’s leading logistics companies to ensure that your orders are delivered on time and intact anywhere in the World. See the shipping information on our product pages here for estimate delivery times and prices on each product.

Creating and Updating an Account

You can sign up for a PRYYNT customer account within our service from the menu bar and at the point of payment. This will securely save your Payment Details and any delivery addresses to your account. This means that the next time you use the PRYYNT service, you will be able to check out and access saved delivery addresses, making the process faster and easier for you! Check out our User Terms for more info.

When you sign up for an account, we will send you an account activation email. You will need to confirm your email address in order to activate your PRYYNT account.

You can access and edit your account at anytime by going to

See my Orders Status

If you have a PRYYNT account, you can access your order status and details through

Cancel my Order

Due to our super efficient order processing speed and that our products are personalized, we allow a cancellation period of 1 hour from the time of your order being placed. You can go to to cancel your order.

Terms & Conditions

You can read our T&Cs here.

Privacy Policy

You can read our privacy policy here.

We are constantly adding new “How-To” videos to our YouTube Channel. These consist of little pointers on how to upload images from partner sites to great ideas of how you can display the PRYYNT products.

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari (on MAC)
  • Internet explorer 10
  • Internet explorer 11

Supported iOS Devices

  • iPhone 4, 4s iOS 7.1-8.1
  • iPhone 5, 5C, 5S iOS 7.1-8.1
  • iPhone 6 iOS 8-8.1
  • iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8-8.1
  • iPad Mini iOS 7.1-8.1
  • iPad Mini 2-3 iOS 7.1-8.1
  • iPad 2 iOS 7.1-8.1
  • iPad 3-4 iOS 7.1-8.1
  • iPad Air iOS 7.1-8.1

Supported Android Devices

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 JB 4.1.2, 4.1.1, 4.0.4
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 JB 4.2.2
  • Samsung GALAXY Nexus JB 4.2.2
  • Samsung Galaxy Note I ICS 4.0-4.0.4
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II JB 4.1-4.2
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II KK 4.4.2
  • HTC One X JB 4.1, 4.0.4, 4.0.3
  • HTC One XL ICS 4.0 / JB 4.1
  • LG Optimus 2X ICS 4.0
  • LG Nexus 4 JB 4.2.2, 4.2.1, 4.2